Live in Tidewater? Let’s Create a School

21st Century Collaborative

Dec. 24-26 was filled with the joy that little ones bring.  We are blessed. But still– compared to every other Christmas I remember– this one was off. However one interesting thing did occur… an educational epiphany. My brother came from Georgia and he brought his new family. I decided to take the crew to the Children’s […]


Questioning the System- Are We Harming Kids?


It’s back. That nagging feeling that we are doing more harm than good. That schools for the most part, as they currently exist are resulting in the dumbing down of education. We are developing mediocrity rather than excellence in our graduates. That we are missing opportunities to help children develop deep learning around their passion […]

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Poll: Why do good ideas about teaching and learning have so little impact on educational practice?


It is interesting that many feel Facebook is just a lot of fluff, silliness and socialization. This is how my friends roll in Facebook. I posted a poll as a status update and a deep conversation ensued. Would love for you to add your 2 cents to the mix if you are so inclined by […]


Recognizing Learning


Luke is my first grandson. He is one and a half and quite chatty for his age. (Keep reading I promise there a value add coming)  He has lots of favorites in his short life but mostly he loves being outside, dinosaurs, running, animals, other children and his Papa. He also loves movies- with Toy Story […]


Passion Based Living and Learning

21st Century Collaborative

A great education should include creating an environment of amazing choices, rich literature, colorful experiences, conversations with diverse individuals and engaging learning activities from which students can choose. Help students find their passion. Expose them to art, music, sports, culture, history, and more. Allow them to problem solve through play and to use the learning […]


The Role of Truth, Trust and Context in Online Learning

21st Century Collaborative

I have been thinking today about truth, trust, and learning. I am going to try and weave them together in a post that makes some logical sense but if I fail, I ask your forgiveness in advance. Maybe hear this post as sound bites rather than a narrative as I try to find my way. […]


New Year: Focus Forward (Personal Plans for the New Year)

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I love the New Year celebration. I adore the holiday more than Christmas, Thanksgiving, my birthday or any other celebration. I see it as holding the most potential for renewal and a re-molding of who I am- toward who I want to be. It is the time of year I most hold myself accountable. The […]


“Newtown was for teachers what 9/11 was for firefighters.”


I have been reflecting on why I am (and so many educators I know are) so hard hit emotionally by what has happened in CT. I mentioned to a family member it feels like 9/11 to me. I am grief stricken. I’m turning on the TV often to feel connected to those suffering. Visibly depressed. […]


Get supercharged with “Powering Up” and Powerful Learning Press


Today is a big day for Powerful Learning Practice! We are celebrating the launch of Powerful Learning Press — our own unique publishing venture — by giving away a free interactive eBook that we hope will inspire more educators to become connected learners. About this free eBook The Connected Teacher: Powering Up shares stories written by teachers and school leaders who […]


We need your brain on September 28 at PLP Live


Join us September 28 in Philadelphia If you live in driving distance of Philadelphia, then on Friday, September 28, you need to be making plans to collaborate with us at PLP LIVE: Inspire. Collaborate. Shift. The location is easy – Philly convention center. The speakers are top notch and include many females with powerful messages […]

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