Finding your most heroic self: Leaving a legacy

Have you ever woke up and had something burning inside you that you know you are supposed to write or develop and yet you just do not have your mind around it yet? That’s me this morning. So I am being faithful to the urgency and seeing where my fingers are going to take me. [...]


Australia- ELH Conference in Lorne

I met Bruce through Will and I have to tell you from Day 1 I was impressed. Bruce Dixon is the founder and president of the Anywhere, Anytime Learning Foundation and consults to schools, school districts, education departments, Ministries of Education as well as technology companies such as Microsoft, hp-Compaq, Apple, Bertelsmann and Toshiba on [...]

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Good Day Mate

Sheryl's excellent adventure started in Australia! I was invited to keynote the ELH conference in Victoria, Australia.  As I was preparing to go an amazing thing happened that shows the power of the network. I had announced on Twitter I was going and lo and behold the most wonderful direct message came through, "Hi Sheryl [...]


Learning to Learn

My life has been a whirlwind of activity since NECC and I have found it hard to keep up with blogging. I don’t know why, but I feel guilty blogging when I have other deadlines looming. Do any of you experience that? Is it illogical? Should I blog anyway, much like we still get the [...]


Powerful Learning Practice – Personal Impact

Man, I love this work! Connecting and collaborating is something that really comes natural for me. I am the social cognitive learning theory poster child and I am finding that others also relate well to learning while observing and collaborating with others. Working with others online on common goals in an effort to improve education [...]


Letter to my Colleagues

I have been spending some time recently responding to a listserv discussion that has many brilliant, award winning teachers on it who are not sold on the idea that we really are going to have to change education to remain relevant; that *they* are going to have to change.  I thought I would share my [...]


Twitter Takes- 6 word memoir

John Norton on TLN threw out an interesting challenge around a six-word memoir. Someone on the list called this game a limited-word writing   activity "American haiku". I found the activity so interesting I tossed it to my Twitter community. The results were delightful! I Tweeted: On TLN we are playing a game- Six-Word Memoirs- [...]


So Much to Say– So Little Time

There is a price to be paid for community driven learning- TIME. There are only so many hours in a day to invest in reading, learning, writing, and all that goes with being part of a community of learners. The benefits far outweigh the cost, so I am not complaining, however, it is beginning to [...]


Looking for New Voices?

Quite a few teacher leaders have been joining the blogosphere as of late. Looking for some provocative new bloggers to add to your aggregator? These thought provoking practitioners will NOT let you down. Teacher Leaders Nerwork BLOGS Bill Ferriter – The Tempered Radical Nancy Flanagan – Teacher in a Strange Land Renee Moore – TeachMoore [...]


Jeff Utecht's Tough Audience

Each Monday this semester my elementary preservice education students have been hearing from a variety of educational bloggers, many of them practicing classroom teachers, via  Elluminate on how they use technology to teach content based objectives. (See the class wiki) Jeff Utecht had the tough job of his vitual Monday falling on April 16, the [...]

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