Building Knowledge at 30,000 Feet

While I am becoming more and more dissatisfied with Delta as my preferred airline because of treatment by most (not all) gate folks and flight attendants, I am finding that I am enjoying the networking opportunities with the folks I meet there more and more. I travel. A lot. Because of that I often get [...]


21st Century Workforce Readiness

I had the opportunity recently to facilitate a group of business, education, political and community leaders in a discussion about developing a workforce ready group of graduates in the 21st Century. I was given the task of relaying the experience. I have decided to share with you to see if you agree or disagree with [...]


Planning for 21st Century Instruction

In his book, Shirky describes a "ladder of activities that are enabled or improved by social tools" in which "The rungs on the ladder, in order of difficulty, are sharing, cooperation, and collective action." (Here Comes Everybody, p.49). While I am sure Shirky never intended for anyone to use these steps as a planning tool [...]


Australia- ELH Conference in Lorne

I met Bruce through Will and I have to tell you from Day 1 I was impressed. Bruce Dixon is the founder and president of the Anywhere, Anytime Learning Foundation and consults to schools, school districts, education departments, Ministries of Education as well as technology companies such as Microsoft, hp-Compaq, Apple, Bertelsmann and Toshiba on [...]

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Learning to Learn

My life has been a whirlwind of activity since NECC and I have found it hard to keep up with blogging. I don’t know why, but I feel guilty blogging when I have other deadlines looming. Do any of you experience that? Is it illogical? Should I blog anyway, much like we still get the [...]


Powerful Learning Practice – Personal Impact

Man, I love this work! Connecting and collaborating is something that really comes natural for me. I am the social cognitive learning theory poster child and I am finding that others also relate well to learning while observing and collaborating with others. Working with others online on common goals in an effort to improve education [...]


ABPC 21st Century Learners Quarterly Meeting

While I obviously haven’t been blogging- I have been fast at it. I would say I have been busy, but Dean Shareski (our new convener for K12Online)  has taught me we are all busy and I am not suppose to talk about how busy I am, but rather just talk about what I have been [...]


Building the Machine

My son and I finally built my new PC. My killer machine. Processor 2.40 gigahertz Intel Core2 Quad  Q6600 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 4096 kilobyte secondary memory cache Memory 4096 Megabytes Installed Memory Slot ‘DIMM1′ has 2048 MB Slot ‘DIMM3′ has 2048 MB Slot ‘DIMM2′ is Empty Slot ‘DIMM4′ is Empty Drives 934.79 Gigabytes [...]


Making Curriculum Meaningful

Had a cool experience yesterday, I was invited to participate in a live chat hosted by Education Week on curriculum issues. Two of my friends and colleagues were also guests.  Marsha Ratzel, a 6th grade math and science teacher at Leawood Middle School in Leawood, Kansas who has been part of countless online projects I [...]


Geeking Our Way to a Better World

Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of people. -Mother Teresa Thinking more about the homeless issue and how to make an impact. Steve Hargadon and I have been throwing ideas around for awhile now. I plan to Skype him into [...]

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